Yes, we are in the year 2020 and we are experiencing something that used to be a plot of some catastrophe themed movie. But the global pandemic is now, and it’s part of our everyday life. The world was caught unprepared for such a scenario. Many businesses are suffering wich effects creative agencies and freelancing designers as well. It’s a circle. Together, we need to fight this crisis in the best way we can.

Everybody is telling us to use lockdown and work on ourselves. Well, that’s true and we at Yellow Submarine will recommend for fellow creative persons to check out the list below and pick up something.

1. Work on your portfolio

Seriously, many people are complaining that they don’t have time to work on their portfolios or update them. Well, NOW you have plenty of time. Once this coronavirus crisis is over, many businesses and agencies will resume where they stopped their activities. Many of them will hire new stuff. You should be ready for those opportunities once they are open.

2. Your Portfolio review

You have your portfolio ready and updated? Good news, some people will gladly look at it and provide feedback! Many agencies are offering free portfolio reviews

You are a photographer? Check this!

If you are a cartoonist, follow this link.

3. Learn new skills

Yes, everyone is saying this. And they are right, use this time to master new skills. Get out of your comfort zone. We talked about why graphic designers should use 3d software for example.

If you are a student or educator, by the end of May 2020. you will have the opportunity to use Adobe Creative Cloud for free. Premium Skillshare is there too, tons of great tutorials, classes, and lessons from industry professionals.

4. Support others

Use your creativity to fight coronavirus pandemic by designing infographics, social media post or even memes that will help others to remember how this virus is dangerous or that staying at home is crucial. We heard a million times by now how is important to wash our hands. How creative you can be about this topic and design/illustrate/photoshoot/animate something different? Not to say, but creating such designs you will have something to add to your portfolio. :wink wink:.

5. Socialize with fellow creatives

When the social distance is a must, at least socializing online is welcomed (even more than before). We need to stick together. You can find many newly formed communities where you can participate, find answers about COVID-19 or ask questions to fellow creatives.

One of those places is The-Dots “A professional network for the people and teams that don’t wear suits to work” with the great section dedicated to coronavirus.

6. Stay at home!

Really, the most important thing, DO NOT go outside if you don’t have to. Simple as that! Be safe 🙂