Ideas are babies. They need to be nurtured, tutored and molded into real beings that can change the world. We at Yellow Submarine are firstly about ideas, and that is why we work across departments and collaborate to bring them to life. No matter where it comes from, an idea is always cherished here!

Integrated Campaigns

We thrive to create engaging experiences across every channel, mixing creativity & relativity with the right thought, right time and right place in just the right amounts.


Writing is at the heart of everything we do, helping our clients elaborate who they are and what they stand for. Be it copywriting for websites, social media, marketing collaterals or advertising messages.

Content Development

In this era of digital marketing, content is the king. We help articulate content that is relevant, impactful and did we say relevant? Content might be the king, but we believe CONTEXT is the kingdom!



Our first love! Crafting a story behind a brand is what gives an object or service – life! We are brand specialists, give us a brand to create and you’ll make our day! If you want to develop a brand, create a corporate identity come to us & you'll be sorted.

Brand Development

Going from a pretty picture on our screens; to outdoors for the world to see. We revel being part of the process, for the entire brand lifecycle. All the way from the story behind a brand, to logo design, to the way it speaks and evokes feelings amongst its customers. Just speaking about developing a brand gives us goosebumps.

Logo Design & Development

The mark of a brand! Check out what we created so far.

Logo portfolio

Corporate Identity Development

The brand bible.


Social Media

To us, social media is an integrated approach, not a channel or a set of tactics. Social media is primarily a way to be just what the name suggests, social. Which is to speak, converse, inform or just have a connection with your followers. We engage with over 50K followers every day across the various clients that we serve, so we don’t just do social media, we live it.
Social Media Work

Social Strategy

Our social strategists can help your brand navigate through the various landscapes of the social media scene and take you where you need to be the most. We are storytellers first and foremost, and social media is storytelling.

Social Listening & Community Management

There is so much said on the different platforms out there that it is very hard to keep track through all the clutter. We pride ourselves as social listeners, and have an ear out always for insights into what the people think and feel about your brand, bring them to you and work on how we can address those insights.

Paid Social

Paid social is critical to brands that want to resonate with an audience at scale. We focus on mixing breakthrough creative content with selective paid social media exposure to create the right balance of exposure your brand needs.




Video production for television.


Innovative design for the web and mobile.


Design & production of printables such as flyers, brochures, catalogues, stationery. Always keeping in mind the environment and renewable materials.