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Alnowair set out to do something that nobody else had ever done in the history of the GCC. A non-profit organization dedicated to spreading positivity with a mission to bring about positive social behavioral change. The challenge was to give this very public initiative a name, a face, and an identity.

Starting with the logo, which represents the 5 different colors that the Alnowair flower can be found in, we took up the challenge of creating an identity that would reflect the message. Making the brand synonymous with the color Yellow (the color of positivity) to interactive outdoor activations, campaigns that had their own set of identities and other initiatives that branched out of Alnowair. The mission was to use design and interactivity and make Alnowair a household name. The biggest success story with Alnowair, is the fact that Yellow Submarine today exists because Alnowair’s designs were noticed, loved and sought. Yellow Submarine was and will always be Alnowair.


Colors & Material

Deep Yellow








We at Alnowair have many different channels through which we promote positive behavioral change, but one of the most important ones are the events that we do every now and then. They are mostly experiential events, where people can come together and experience first hand how being positive makes them feel.

Yellow Benches

We travel around the world to look for beauty, but often neglect what is around us.Every day we drive past it, we walk past it, but we forget to see it, to notice it.

TWL+ Conference

Think Work Live Positive is a conference on positivity and wellbeing where we invite speakers, authors, inspirational figures and positive psychologists from around the world to hold seminars and workshops on how a positive attitude can help us personally and at work.

Alnowair Carnival

The Yellow Parade Kindness Carnival is a vibrant participatory gathering that has become a form of expression for the public. Like-minded positive people are invited come together, and spread the message of kindness, compassion and positivity on the roads and in our lives in general.

Let’s Not Phub

The ‪#‎letsnotphub‬ was a campaign to spread awareness about society’s obsession with technology, and how we are removing ourselves from our surroundings, keeping our heads constantly inside our phones.

Boubyan Bank Summer Camp

A summer camp for kids where we teach the benefits and tools of positivity through fun interactive games.


Our design and production team helps create different props, stages and custom constructions for events and activations. As a nonprofit that wants to bring about a positive behavioral change in Kuwaiti society, we are always finding ways to come up with cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

Many different meaningful promotional objects produced for events and activations.

Few dozens of different & unique props are produced for Alnowair’s Yellow Parade 2016.

Our production team is constantly coming up with cost-effective solutions that represent the feel and image of the brand as well.

A hand made sculpture that was produced using all entries to a photography competition called “Focus on the good”

Custom made arches

Social Media

Alnowair uses Social media as one of the main pillars for spreading the message about positivity. The purpose behind social media is to keep things simple and as interactive as possible. We encourage dialogue and basically use social media, to well…be accessible, relatable and social.

We create content that allows our followers to learn, be inspired and embrace that with a positive mindset we can all lead content, more fulfilled lives.

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Instagram Stories & Story Games

One of the ways through which we initiate interaction with our followers are story games, that allow users to play games that subconsciously expose them to feel more positive.