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A UK based Skincare brand Prismologie was 3 years into the business of wellbeing through colours, when it appointed us to do a revamp of its design and visual look.

Starting from creating a lighter, more navigable website, all the way to revamping the way the brand uses social media to communicate. Our idea was simple, let the colours speak for themselves. The brand has since seen a rejuvenation visually, and new packaging designs on the way and ventures into international markets, the journey has just begun.


We developed award-winning packaging designs.


Prismologie positions itself as a luxury skincare brand that promotes wellness through colours, one of the ethos of the brand is to be ethical and mindful towards the planet and its resources. Keeping that in mind we have developed designs that not just advocate the brand’s positioning but also by using collaterals that are eco-friendly. We fulfill its vision to be environmentally friendly.

Social Media

We manage Primologies social media accounts both international and the one dedicated to the Middle East. Apart from developing digital marketing campaigns we also handle the brands day-to-day activities that include: developing relevant content topics, create, curate, and manage all published content (images, video and written).

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